Photo of Hamid Saray - Sr. Mortgage Planner

Hamid Saray
Sr. Mortgage Planner

Hamid Saray – Sr. Mortgage Planner

In 1989 I graduated from UC Berkeley in real estate and architecture. My background has allowed me to think outside the box and develop particular expertise around complex mortgage solutions. It really makes me happy to come through for my clients; especially when everyone else has turned them down.

In 2010 a client was referred to me and their loan was denied (at the last second) by another lender. I was able to pick up the pieces and close the loan in less than nine days. I approach things with a sense of humor and like to laugh and find solutions to everything. I especially enjoy doing no cost loans at the best possible interest rate. You might be surprised at what is possible!

Community is important to me and during off hours you are likely to find me doing charity work with my family. Personally, I would love to make a profound impact in my community and I do things that move me in that direction. Doing great work for my clients is part of that bigger picture.

If you think you may have a complex situation that requires special attention I am happy to talk with you. And if your situation is straight forward, you may be surprised to hear what ideas I have for you. Give me a call any time.

Direct Phone: (408) 422-4279
Fax: (408) 228-6042

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NMLS # 297688  CA DRE # 01357732