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Tim Zemaitis
Sr. Loan Consultant

Tim Zemaitis – Sr. Loan Consultant

I’ve always been fascinated by real estate. There are so many unique and interesting stories about each property. Some big, some small, why did they build that there, and of course, what the heck were they thinking about that one? I’ve always been a problem solver. I’ve always had a knack for seeing the bigger picture, and been able to lay out a simplified plan to get to the solution.

My clients over the years have truly appreciated that I’m in control of the bigger process which is often very confusing to the average consumer, and that I deliver what I promise. They also appreciate the fact that I don’t promise what I can’t deliver even if it’s not what they hope to hear.  With such a commitment to the cause, I have done many things that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help out clients from the simple driving around the state to pick up or drop off documents, to the radical where I literally flew to Houston to facilitate a sign-off so a client could get their house.

Personally, I am very active in the coaching community. I coached for years prior to having children. Starting at the youth level, I worked my way up to high school and eventually junior college before my own kids got to be of age that they desired my coaching influence closer to home. I’ve coached most all of my kid’s teams since then and am currently coaching my 29th season of sports right now. I’m not biased when it comes to coaching, and I’m all in as a parent for my kids. So much so, that I participate (coach) in my daughter’s Nutcracker Ballet for her dance studio… no I don’t wear tights! I do think it would be super fun to go onto one of those Skydiving tubes that I’ve seen in LA and San Francisco. As a parent, I wouldn’t take the ultimate risk of doing it for real as I’ve been close to some personal tragedies from this activity, but the feeling in a more secure environment, I think would be awesome.

So that’s my story… I am curious and always asking questions, I take reasonable risks, while remaining in control of the big picture, and am constantly committed to the outcome that is best for my client. If that sounds good to you, please give me a call at your convenience.

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